Bingo Games

Online bingo game is a popular leisure gambling activity among punters in the UK and US. The launch date goes back to 1996, and within a decade, the game yielded almost 500 million US dollars. It was mostly the popularity of regular bingo that gave rise to online bingo. While the usual bingo halls base their game upon balls, in the case of online bingo sites, the game is based on random number generators.

Bingo Games Online

One of the mentionable features of this online bingo has to be the chat facility that enables gamers to communicate with fellow players, almost resembling the interaction of players at any bingo hall. This supports the growth of the industry by attracting more and more customers with time. Online bingo started out with mostly having young customers because of its online facility but with time gained regular bingo customers due to few reasons.

  • In the case of online bingo, customers have the liberty to choose whether to put their money on the game or play in demo mode. Hence, no deposit is required.
  • For the players to never miss a winning bingo or daub is an important and beneficial feature of online bingo casino games.
  • There are various versions with attractive visuals to choose from.
  • Punters can play online bingo games from the comfort of their home.
  • Registering yourself is an inevitable part of playing real-money bingo. Though free play often needs no registration.


Types of Online Bingo Games

The best thing about bingo games is there are plenty of variants to choose from according to players’ taste.  If you wish to play free online bingo games for fun, these are some of the variations.

In this 75 ball bingo variant, there is a 5X5 grid with each square grid containing a number except for the square in the center.

This particular square in the middle is free for everyone.

This variant utilizes bingo balls between 1 to 75, also by applying different types of cards.

Each grade contains 5X5 squares with 24, which are numbered, and one in the middle that is left free.

It is played on a 9×3 card that gives 9 columns and 3 rows.

There are a total of 15 numbers for cards, while the rest are free spaces.

There is the provision of five prizes in every round of games.

These prices are line one, line two, line three, line four, and line five prizes.

Each column is named by a letter of the word b-i-n-g-o, in order to make the numbers easily visible. The first column is numbered from 1 to 9, while the last is numbered from 80 to 90.
The player with all their numbers checked in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line will be declared the winner in the first line prize. The significant difference between 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo is the pattern of winning for the players. In this gradient, there are three prizes that are to be won.
This version is the most popular among players of North America. This one is mostly known as pattern bingo and regarded as one of the classics among online bingo games.
Among the different bingo games available, this one is the most popular.
This one is regarded as one of the most popular choices in the UK for playing bingo online.


These were the variants of the virtual bingo game available apart from the regular bingo games like

  1. 30 ball Bingo, which is the quickest winning variant with 3X3 grids, also known as speed bingo,
  2. 80 ball Bingo, which is in an 8X8 format with 16 grids and so on.

Additionally, some sites have 60 and 50 ball variants in online bingo.


How to Win Online Bingo Games

Bingo is probably the easiest casino game to win. The winning strategies for different bingo games include:

  • Buying more bingo cards will increase the chances of winning.
  • Playing bingo games online when there are a limited number of players present.
  • Knowing the game that you are playing has no replacement among other winning strategies. Hence, before joining, you should know what the prizes are and make strategies for the win.
  • To play free online bingo games for fun, socializing with fellow players is important. It will not increase the chance of winning but will get you acquainted with the prizes and the gaming strategies.
  • Granville’s Bingo strategy includes having equal numbers of high and low numbers, having equal numbers of odd and even numbers, and having an equal number ending with 1-9.
  • There is another strategy known as Tippett’s Bingo strategy that encourages players to buy bingo cards closer to 1 and 75 while playing short bingo games. Also, for longer games, it is better to select a number closer to 38 to play online bingo for real money.



Is online bingo safe?

Online bingos are usually considered safe, and the chance of having a problem is rare while playing bingo games online.

Do I need to deposit an amount for playing bingo?

It is not compulsory to deposit money to play bingo since there are plenty of websites to play with no deposit. But in the case of real-money play, the stakes of online bongo are much lower than offline.

Is registration necessary for playing online bingo?

People can play as is on review sites, but there are very few to almost no online casinos that would allow gamblers to play with no registration.

Can I play online bingo for real money?

Yes, there are plenty of sites where an adult can indulge himself in playing online bingo for real money.